Balls mowers : the packages offered

Hair shaving has now become a necessity expressed by many people. Are you undecided on the type of blade to choose? Or do you often face problems in which lotion to use? Why not opt ​​for Balls mowers. The brand provides users with the ideal tool for a clean, scratch-free and skin-friendly shave. Do you want to choose one of the brand's offers? Here are the packages offered.

The Balls V2 mower package

This package, which cost €59, is now offered by the brand at a slightly lower cost. Indeed, it becomes possible to opt for this package at 55€ and make a profit. If you want to know more about his offers, you can click on this link. Here is everything included in this package :

  • Balls Trimmer which considerably reduces pulls, cuts and user snagging ;
  • Blade Balls for better exploration of the area to be shaved ;
  • SafeSack adjustable protectors that allow the user to travel great distances without causing a cut ;
  • Groin Light to treat difficult parts more easily ;
  • The 6200 rpm motor ensures a better shave of the hairs of the groin ;
  • The rechargeable battery to shave anytime and anywhere ;
  • Cordless and waterproof tool can be used in the shower thanks to its rechargeable battery.

The Ultimate Balls Pack package

This brand package entitles you to :

  • Balls Trimmer 2.0 ensuring the minimization of pulls, notches, etc. on the user's skin ;
  • Balls lotion which is both a cleanser and a deodorant ;
  • 2x Balls blades being precision blades designed in ceramic for better durability and efficiency.

Finally, this package allows the user to take advantage of a free gift: BallBag. This is a high-end toiletry bag allowing you to separate your toothbrush from your mower. All users who have tried the offers of the Balls brand have been seduced by their effectiveness and their contribution. Do not hesitate to try one of the Balls packages, you will not be disappointed.

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