Learn more about Marvel movies

If you love superhero movies, it's normal to ask yourself how many movies are there based on Marvel comics. Know that counting only the main Marvel franchises, there are 75 of them. On the other hand, if you include the publications of the Marvel brands, there are about 84. Here are some of their works that you will certainly enjoy with your pot of popcorn alone or accompanied.

Why are Marvel movies so popular ?

Who today in the whole world does not like superheroes ? If it were possible for people to become superheroes themselves, they would definitely choose to become one with no regrets. 

Since this is not really possible, people prefer to live this dream vicariously by going to certain sites to watch superhero movies. Not only are they vicariously living the dream they love, but they also identify with their favorite superheroes like that. 

This is one of the reasons why today the Marvel franchise benefits from this incredible notoriety that it knows in the world of cinema. In addition to those who like to read comics, Marvel finally wins new fans who enjoy their cinematographic works.

The works of the Marvel franchise

If you've been a fan of Marvel works for a long time, you must have read many of his comics. You should know that these works do not just focus on action and fighting. Indeed, some of these works highlight the romanticism aspect and many other aspects. You will find among these works :

  • Captain America movies ;
  • Spider-Man movies ;
  • Venom movies ;
  • Daredevil movies ;
  • Elektra movies ;
  • Ghost Rider movies ;
  • X-men movies ;
  • Black Panther movies ;
  • Blade saga…
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In addition to these cult Marvel films, you have series made by Marvel on certain superheroes that will allow you to spend excellent movie nights. You have for example The Punisher by Franck Castle… You also have other Marvel releases that are announced in different phases that better trace the entire history of the Marvel universe.