How to use a webcam sex platform?

Webcam sex has become a trend in those past years. Single people, as well as couples, have found real pleasure in virtual sex. However, even it is online, intimacy has to be kept secret. That said, there are tips you can follow and take advantage of in order to stay safe during webcam sex. So, the biggest question here is to find out how to use a sexcams website at its best. And today's article is dedicated to that!

Ensure to be comfortable with webcam sex

The first criterion in using a webcam sex platform is to figure out if you are comfortable with virtual sex. In other words, you have to make sure you feel at ease with such interactions with another person. Do you trust them or the sexcams website you would like to use? Are there boundaries that have to be set?
Those are questions you should be asking yourself. Remember that there are other options you can leverage to have better experience. You may turn off your camera and use voices only. The whole point is, if you are uncomfortable with this; do not use the webcam sex platform.

Start slowly and use words

In everything you do, rushing is not that good. In webcam sex as well, you should start slowly; it is definitely okay if you cannot try something hot or sexy on camera. If at the beginning you can just do the bare minimum, do not get mad at yourself.
You can start diving deeper with time. You should also talk with your partner, tell them what you want or miss, in your own words. This is also important if you want to be safe with such interactions. However, it is important not to use your real name; instead, use a nickname to discuss with your partner.

Find trustworthy digital platforms

This one is very important into using a webcam sex platform. How can you even use such website if you do not find it trustworthy? Your photos, videos or could be watched by hackers if the platform is not secure.
Even if it is not an efficient way to protect what is happening on your webcam, it can be helpful to ensure that the sexcams site has an SSL certificate. You should also make sure it provides end-to-end or person-to-person encryption. The platform should also give you the possibility to delete your messages or cancel your account any time.

Play with sex toys 

There is always something for everyone willing to use webcam sex platform. As you gain experience with such activities, you may try to use sex toys. Vibrators, ticklers and even clitoris stimulators, there is a whole bunch of tools you can use for your pleasure. 
The only thing you have to do is to be careful while using them, not to cause irritation to your body. You may also ask your partner to share their experience with you while using sex toys. This will make your interaction more pleasurable.
Ultimately, you should be authentic even if you are having virtual sex. This is all about intimacy, and just because it is at distance does not mean it should not it with seriousness. But always remember to have fun and not to put pressure on yourself.

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