Top 3 scholarships for international students

Nowadays, it is common to find that scholarships are awarded to the poor or to those who have the required level. These scholarships are intended to enable those who are entitled to do so to pursue their studies in better conditions. In the following article, you will discover the top 3 scholarships awarded to international students.

The Fulbright scholarship from the United States

The Fulbright Foreign Student Award is one of the most popular study programs offered by the United States. This scholarship is international in scope and is therefore available to all students. In fact, this scholarship is offered each year to nearly 1,800 students. It is offered to the best students who wish to continue on to a master's degree or even a doctorate.

The Fulbright Programme offers these excellent students full funding for the remainder of their studies in the United States. This funding includes health insurance, a stipend, airfare, textbooks, and tuition fees.

The MasterCard Scholarship

The MasterCard Scholarship is an academic scholarship for Africans only. It is awarded to 126 excellent African students by the MasterCard Foundation. The aim of the scholarship is to provide these students with quality higher education to use in the service of their country. It is generally reserved for students at the Master's or Bachelor's level.

The MasterCard Scholarship is awarded to excellent students who have great potential but are experiencing difficulties in accessing higher education. It lasts for a period of 3 years for the Bachelor's level and 2 years for the Master's level. The MasterCard Foundation takes into account all funding during this period.

The Gates Millennium Scholarship in the United States

Speaking of international scholarships, the Gates Millennium Scholarship will certainly not leave you indifferent. As the name suggests, the main sponsor of this program is the legendary Bill Gates.

This scholarship is awarded annually to a total of 1000 students in the United States. This scholarship covers all the costs of these students, including tuition fees, allowances, health insurance, etc.